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All Sporting Events have been canceled for the 2019 - 2020 school. year

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The 2019-2020 yearbooks have arrived! If you have not already picked yours up, please come by the front office through May 29th. We are open from 10:00 to 4:00 each day, Tuesday through Friday.


Please note that Ms. Najera checked in all books that were returned the week of May 18. We still have some families who will be turning in library books the week of May 25. If your child’s library record indicated that books were overdue to be checked back in, then you should have received an email from Ms. Najera alerting you to when those library books were due. Please keep in mind that we waived all overdue book fees for the period of March 23 through the end of the school year due to COVID-19. Any fines for overdue books prior to those dates will be charged to your account, and you may pay those fees at the school or via your FACTS Management account. If you are unable to locate overdue books, please reach out to Mrs. Brooks or Ms. Najera to let them know that the books are lost. Arrangements will be made to recover the replacement cost(s) of the books. If in the future, if any lost book turns up again, please know that you can bring it to the school, and we will reimburse you for the cost of the books minus the original overdue fine, or you may elect to keep the book.  If we do not hear from you by mid-June regarding any overdue library books, then we will charge you for the replacement cost of the book(s). If you have any questions, please do reach out to Mrs. Brooks.


Please note that all late assignments to earn full credit were due by May 22, 2020, unless a scholar was granted an extension for special circumstances. Please note that all grades will be posted in RenWeb by May 26, 2020, and report cards will be ready by May 29.


For those who were unable to come to school last week, please see the following NEW LINK to schedule a time for your family to come to the school from May 26 through May 28 to ensure all year-end requirements are met for the 2019-2020 school year. You may sign up on a first-come, first-served basis. THIS WILL BE THE FINAL OPPORTUNITY to pick up your child’s personal belongings from the school!

School office hours to accomplish this work will be from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm each day

 Mrs. Pena has prepared a sign-up sheet with the dates and times available in the below schedule. Each time slot is set at 30 minutes to allow enough time between groups to ensure health and safety precautions are followed. There are two available time slots for each 30-minute increment within the total hours allotted for each day. If we see that more than 5 people will be arriving in any given time slot, Mrs. Pena will notify those families and make adjustments by providing another open time slot. Please note that each time slot is on a first-come, first-served basis.  

End-of-TSCA End-of-Year Campus Close-Out Procedures Sign-Up (Click on this link to sign up!)

Scholars need to complete the following tasks : 

  1. Turn in textbooks
  2. Turn in library books
  3. Ensure all fines/fees have been paid
  4. Clean out lockers 
  5. Collect all personal belongings
  6. Ensure tuition is paid in full by June


(Please call us if you need us to place all of your child’s personal locker/desk items in a bag and have them at the front door for pick up! We must have your permission to do this. Thank you!)


Please note that a group of no larger than 5, including parents, may be on the campus at any given time. All parents/students must be wearing masks, and, preferably, gloves. TSCA will not have face masks available on site, so please note that each person entering the school building must be in possession of and wearing a face mask. All parents/students must confirm that they do not have any symptoms of coronavirus, have not been exposed to coronavirus to their knowledge, and, if they or any of their family members contracted coronavirus, they have been well without any evidence of symptoms for at least two weeks. This requirement also stands true for all TSCA faculty and staff. (Please refer to TSCA’s COVID-19 Health & Safety Precautions for End-of-Year Campus Close Out for explicit guidelines. This publication was sent to all parents on Friday, May 8, 2020.)


  1. All parents/students and TSCA faculty/staff must adhere to the social distancing rule (6 ft. at least between themselves and others) while at TSCA. 
  2. All TSCA staff must be wearing masks and gloves (to handle any items we are retrieving from the parents/students). 
  3. All computers, textbooks, etc. should be cleaned with a disinfectant upon arrival to the school. They should remain untouched for at least 24 hours, if possible.
  4. Scholars will bag up or box up all items out of their lockers and desks (unless parents have made arrangements with TSCA staff to bag these items up and have them waiting for retrieval at the front door). They will be allowed to retrieve any personal items from locker rooms or individual classrooms, where warranted. They must turn in all TSCA equipment and materials. They will need to pay any fines, fees, or remaining tuition, unless they have made arrangements for a final payment in June or a later date. If TSCA determines that textbooks, library books, or Chromebooks have been damaged, we will determine what the repair or replacement cost is and will notify each respective family. 
  5. This process will be followed May 18-22 and the week thereafter, as needed, until ALL families have completed close-out procedures for the 2019-2020 school year.




Last week, we notified our TSCA community that we would be opening many teaching positions and considering reassignments of some existing faculty to ensure they are using their God-given gifts and talents to the fullest. We had already shared that teachers would be hired for 1st grade, 3rd grade, secondary English, and secondary history due to replacing two long-term subs and Mrs. Cardoso and Mrs. Hudgins’ positions.  We also notified you of Ms. Najera’s departure as our library, art, and Spanish teacher. 

In regards to new personnel changes we are announcing this week, some were expected, while others came as a surprise, although we are confident none of them were a surprise to God. TSCA employment decisions run the entire spectrum from retirements to resignations to internal transfers. We have also begun cutting some nonessential positions that no longer align with our bold new vision for the school. Here is the newest list of everyone who will not be returning to TSCA next year. Please begin praying for God to make a way for each one of them wherever He desires them to go. Some of our teammates are seeking a new path they believe God is calling them to fulfill. Others believe they were only called here for a short season, and God has now released them to pursue new opportunities that better reflect their gifts and talents. Yet other coworkers have risen to a family challenge that requires their support, or they feel led to close their final chapter at TSCA for what has been a stellar career of long-term service to God in this ministry. Whatever the case may be, each one of our educators and support staff are seeking to walk in God’s will for their lives, and we are standing in agreement with them believing God will open the exact doors He desires them to walk through. He is faithful! 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to: 

Kathryn Brooks

Jace Gaston

Joseph Guzman

Rev. Mario Hernandez

Patricia Hernandez

Valerie Martinez

Mary Anne Montgomery

Allison Pena

We know that none of these people are replaceable. God created each one with special gifts, talents, experiences, knowledge, and wisdom that has brought richness and blessings to TSCA as they shaped countless lives spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. From their colleagues to the scholars and families they served, each one of these people have forever marked TSCA in a way that cannot be replicated. We are forever grateful for their ministry!

As we bid these family members farewell, we know that God will be faithful to bring new coworkers to continue bringing in a great harvest, as they challenge minds to think critically while cultivating biblical knowledge and understanding. Please be praying for the Lord to bring people who are truly called and equipped to serve in the TSCA ministry. With our restructuring design, everyone will need to rise to an extraordinary purpose and reach the highest of standards. 

We have also made more internal transfers as the Lord made it clear that some of our teachers have either not been serving in alignment with their gifts, talents, and degree areas, or they were needed at another grade level. Congratulations to each one of the following educators who are taking up a new challenge! May the Lord Our God fully equip and prepare you to shine brightly in each new area where He has called you to serve!!

Ms. Michelle Carey: Moving from Pre-K Teacher to PK-12 Music Teacher. With the retirement of Mary Anne Montgomery, who will continue substitute teaching and teaching piano to our TSCA scholars after school, the Lord opened the door for Ms. Michelle Carey to become our new music teacher, as she holds a music degree from Stephen F. Austin State University, and is a gifted vocalist. We have exciting plans to begin musical productions and music theatre. We are continuing to seek a stronger partnership with the Dallas Orchestra Symphony Young Musicians Program and will notify you of developments regarding this goal. 

Mrs. Vollliney Studstill:  Moving from 2nd Grade to 4th Grade Teacher. We are excited to announce that Mrs. Studstill has answered the call to step into 4th grade next year! Mrs. Studstill taught this year’s 3rd graders, who have now been promoted to 4th grade, during her first year of teaching 2nd grade at TSCA. She has already built strong relationships with these scholars and knows best how they learn. Mrs. Studstill is a gifted master teacher who brings learning to life through a variety of engaging learning activities that are designed with high-order thinking in mind, so our 4th graders are in for an incredible year of learning ahead!

Mrs. Jennifer Garcia:  Moving from 4th Grade to Secondary Bible Teacher. We are excited to announce that Mrs. Jennifer Garcia will step into a newly developed position, secondary Bible teacher for grades 6-12. Mrs. Garcia possesses a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. Her heart’s desire and God-given calling is to educate and develop middle and high school students to become Christian leaders who honor God and desire to serve Christ in all areas of their lives. With Mrs. Garcia at the helm, we are confident that our secondary scholars will be able to successfully navigate life through a Christian worldview with the ultimate desire to love and know Christ.  

Mr. Tim Hirsbrunner: Moving from Secondary Bible and English to Secondary History Teacher. We are excited to announce that Mr. Hirsbrunner will move into secondary history with a goal in mind to integrate biblical understanding across all history instruction. Mr. Hirsbrunner’s gifts are better placed here, as he has a love for teaching history. TSCA will be creating new courses with English, Bible, and history in mind as we believe key learning concepts in these content areas should remain connected rather than separated into separate courses of study. As a result, Mr. Hirsbrunner, Mrs. Garcia, and the new English teacher will be engaging in a lot of team teaching whereby designed lessons and the assignments that accompany them will meet history, English, and Bible requirements. Keep looking for more exciting announcements regarding this complete redesign at the secondary level. We believe student engagement will be at an all-time high by making learning more seamless, meaningful, and challenging. 

Please note that all of the changes we have made at TSCA resulted in the following positions being open for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Pre-K
  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • Secondary English
  • Secondary Math
  • Elementary/Secondary Spanish

We will be opening all of these teaching positions on Tuesday, along with our Business Manager and Administrative Assistant openings.  

ART, LIBRARY, and TECHNOLOGY. As we continue our bold restructuring initiative, we have decided not to replace our library, art, or technology positions. The library collection will be weeded to eliminate all books that have not been in circulation for an extended period of time. We will host a book giveaway for all of our families who want to provide a new home to these retired books. Any books remaining after that will be given to small, neighborhood libraries or other community-centered organizations that would like to have them. All popular selections that are actively in circulation and in high demand will move into elementary and secondary classrooms according to content areas and grade level appropriateness. They will be available for checkout by our elementary and secondary students. 

 We will also be creating a reference/resource library for research purposes. These special works will be housed in the art room, making this room serve a dual purpose. Art will be integrated at the elementary level in our self-contained classrooms. Teachers will be able to complete art projects with their scholars in the art room or in their individual classrooms. Herbie the Art Cart will be supplied with all needed materials for teachers to transport to their respective classrooms as needed. 

 In our new digital learning environment, all of our scholars must develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to be expert digital learners and users who can rapidly access and communicate through multiple digital devices and tools. To make this goal a reality, technology will be integrated across the curriculum in each classroom rather than being taught as a separate subject. This change fosters technological literacy and serves our scholars best. We are excited about this development!


As you recall, last week we shared that another facet of TSCA’s restructuring efforts resided in hybrid learning. We followed that announcement with a parent survey to determine what our family’s preferences were for their children’s learning environment next year given COVID-19. The survey results identified online learning as the least desired option, with the blended learning (a mix of onsite and online learning) and in-person ONLY learning being the most desired options. 


We are excited to announce that TSCA will be offering all three options for our families beginning in August on the first day of school! We are adopting the HyFlex Model, which serves children who are in full-time attendance at the school site five days a week from 8:00 to 3:30 or 3:45 pm, while simultaneously teaching children who are participating online from home. Scholars participating in the HyFlex model benefit from live teaching with their peers either at the school or from the comfort of their homes. For those families who choose a blended learning model, we will work with you to design the best days and times for your child to be at the school site versus days to learn online from home.


High school graduation is June 26, 2020, at Tyler Street Church’s Anderson Hall, at 7:00 p.m. The next meeting of the Class of 2020 will be held on Tuesday, May 26, 2020, at 5:30 pm via Google Hangouts. A meeting invite has been sent, and parents are welcome to attend. 

Looking Ahead


All events in May have been canceled. We will keep you posted about other developments at TSCA as we move forward!


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