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From the Superintendent

karen Thank you for visiting!

If you are a parent, a student, or just an interested party we hope our website provides for you all the information you need to get to know Tyler Street Christian Academy in Dallas, Texas. You are always welcome to drop by to see the school in person.


As a parent, I know of your concerns regarding education for today’s children.  Perhaps you are visiting our website because you are wondering what will be the right choice for your child’s education. May I suggest Tyler Street Christian Academy?


Tyler Street Christian Academy is located in North Oak Cliff, just minutes from the downtown business district. TSCA was founded in 1972 as a non-denominational Christian school to provide parents an option in education for their child. The Academy has a strong history of academic excellence, balanced extra-curricular activities, leadership and service to the community, and a winning athletic program.


When I am asked what makes TSCA unique, I respond, “Our diversity, family atmosphere, and emphasis on servant leadership.” Your child can begin school and graduate from high school right here at TSCA. Beginning in preschool, social standards are held in high regard at TSCA. I have been at TSCA for over 30 years and I have watched our school grow and continue to develop programs and curriculum that prepare each child not only for college but also for life.


In addition to a strong academic foundation, students participate in art, band, music, handbells, technology, Spanish, physical education, and in middle and high school competitive athletics. Colleges and universities from all over the United States recruit many of our junior and senior students. Some receive full or partial academic and athletic scholarships.


Will you think about TSCA for your child? And, if you are a student, take a look at our website. Hopefully, your visit will show you that Tyler Street Christian Academy is a great place to learn and make friends, to have fun while learning, and to prepare you for college and your life ahead.

I hope you will consider Tyler Street Christian Academy. At TSCA we are building a better future, one child at a time!
Karen J. Egger